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My name is Natasha and I'm a Senior studying communication at the University of Wisconsin-Miluwakee. In addition to my comm studies, I'm also interested in sustainable design and sustainable living. Follow for links to the best info on all things sustainable.

Inhabitat Web Blog has the Low-Down on Sustainable Development

There are so many websites bursting at the seams with information on sustainable development! From clean energy to thrifty organic DIY projects, there’s something for everyone. As a girl with an interest in sustainability, I frequent “go green” forums, green blogs, and I am constantly combing the web and filtering out “green washed” information, from the legitimate sustainable news sources. My favorite way to get up-to-date on the latest and greatest green living news is through Inhabitat’s twitter account.

I love following Inhabitat’s twitter because they post just the right amount of information, and never overload my news feed. Every few hours they post an informative headline about the latest in sustainable design, environmentally friendly DIY ideas, green tech, and more. I never have to worry about spammy links, or 30 posts in a row preventing me from seeing other twitter posts.

The is latest inhabitat twitter post that has me all jazzed up- “Instead of wasting your time and money at the mall this holiday season, get crafty with these great DIY gift ideas!”.  This link includes a bunch of eco-friendly DIY gift ideas like instructions for a DIY Altoids solar charger, DIY lip balm, and DIY vintage teacup candles. These ideas are really creative alternatives to store bought items, and are more thoughtful gifts to give. Check out a few pictures from the post:

It’s nice that Inhabitat posts the latest articles on their twitter, because it saves me time by quickly informing me, and allowing me to pick and choose which information I read further on. Aside from DIY posts, I’m really interested in the design and architecture posts like US Army Corps of Engineers Unveils New LEED Gold Headquarters in Seattle— every tweet links to useful articles on sustainability, and almost always features gorgeous high definition photographs like the one below!

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